The SPLICE Ensemble is seeking works for their 2016-2017 season. Our group is composed of the principle performance faculty of SPLICE (Summer institute for Performance, Listening, Interpretation, and Creation of Electroacoustic music). SPLICE is a week long intensive program for performers and composers to experience, explore, interpret and create music for instruments and electronics, held at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo each summer. This will allow them to better understand what sound and music are, what elements of sound and performance techniques should be involved in their works, and how to properly express their ideas through instruments. During studying, it is also useful to involve external resources, for example, best writing service which will help you. The SPLICE Ensemble will perform works throughout the festival, but will also perform regularly around the US throughout the year. In keeping with the focus of the summer festival, the SPLICE Ensemble specializes in chamber music that uses electroacoustic elements as a primary area of artistic exploration.

Our group is composed of:
Sam Wells, trumpet
Keith Kirchoff, piano
Adam Vidiksis, percussion

We seek scores for this instrumentation, or a subset thereof, that includes electronics. Additionally, any of our members can double on computer or live electronics, which could include even up to all three performers as a laptop or electronics trio.

In addition to the core trio, flutist Elise Roy will join us at the festival this summer as a guest faculty. Works that include flute in addition to any or all of the regular instrumentation will be considered for performance at the festival. These pieces would not be able to be performed during our regular season, however.

Please submit a ZIP file containing the following:
Completed application PDF
Score PDF
Audio MP3 (if available)
Technical rider PDF

There is no fee for submission, or limit to the number of works. Please include a new application form and separate ZIP folder for each additional submission.

Please download the submission application here:

Upload your submissions to:


Review of this process will be after February 25, 2016. Please upload your work by 11:59pm EST on February 25, 2016. No submissions will be considered after that date.

For questions regarding your submission, please contact Adam Vidiksis: .