EXTENSION: Applications are due by 11:59pm Eastern Time on February 15, 2017.


If you need help creating a CV and any message for employers, you can contact friends who have already gone through a similar procedure or give your criteria for the elite writings you need. Please apply by completing this form. If you would like to read more about the aspects we cover in our lessons, go to and read about it now!

If you are applying as a participant composer or performer, be prepared to submit 2-3 links to samples of your work as a single zip file. Please supply scores in PDF format, audio in mp3 format, and video in mp4 format. Other formats are acceptable, but these are the preferred formats.

Participant COMPOSER applicants will submit recordings and scores (if applicable) of 2-3 compositions, with at least one work that involves an electroacoustic element. These works will be considered for performance by the participant performers, performance faculty, and guest performers as applicable. Most participant composers will write a new piece that will be premiered at SPLICE by a participant performer or performance faculty.

Participant PERFORMER applicants will submit recordings of 2-3 solo works, it is encouraged to submit one work that was written after 1950.

AUDITORS do not have to submit work samples, but it is encouraged. All applicants will be considered to be accepted as auditors after the participant slots are filled.

The single zip file should be labelled as follows: lastName_firstName_applicationType, where application type is PP (performer participant), CP (composition participant), PA (performance auditor), or CA (composition auditor). Zip files must not exceed 10GB, but please keep them relatively small by working with the suggested file formats.

You should also be prepared to answer questions about the following:

  • Housing and meal preferences
  • Short answers related to your previous experiences in performance or composition, your previous experience with technology, and your interest in attending SPLICE
  • If you want to collaborate with another participant to create or perform a new work at SPLICE
  • If you are seeking scholarship information, be prepared to provide information related to your previous experience with stage management and working with technology in performance situations.