The composition faculty will lead workshops with a general focus on Coding Extensions, which will include a beginner and advanced SuperCollider workshop, in addition to workshops related to working with JavaScript in Max, Max for Live, and signal processing algorithms in Gen. There will also be introductory workshops that explore extensions of digital audio workstations and an introduction to Max. You can, of course, join the workshops and ask questions if you think the topic is not fully covered, or if you want to clarify some points. Also, you can separately order an essay on any broader or narrower topic in order to be more knowledgeable about the topic.

Performance faculty will lead performance workshops geared towards working with electronics without the aid of a composer or sound engineer: How does one setup the hall for performance? How does one optimize a Max patch for performance? How does one communicate with the available sound engineer to express needs and requirements? What if there isn’t a sound engineer available? What is the best and most essential equipment needed to get started?