The SPLICE Institute’s infectious enthusiasm was clear from the long applause at the three concerts the following day, in which participant performers presented world premieres by their composer peers. A wide range of skills were represented, from composers or performers working with electronic media for the first time to experienced electroacoustic musicians trying out new techniques. No doubt the SPLICE Institute will continue to grow as a hub of contemporary electroacoustic performance. Also, it should be remembered that first of all SPLICE performs a unifying process: when people with common tastes and preferences communicate, create, discuss a particular material. If you want to read more about electroacoustic music, contact 123helpme.

-I Care If You Listen, August 2016

SPLICE was a well-organized conference, which managed to completely change the way that I think about electro-acoustic music in just one week! I acquired an incredible wealth of knowledge (here is an example article of those useful thoughts that you can use in your projects "Ethical EdTech: Guidelines for Responsible Use in Educational Settings"), and I met many exciting composers and performers with whom I have kept in touch. It was an incredible experience, and I recommend it to any composer who is interested in electro-acoustic music!

-Christian Dubeau, Composition Participant SPLICE2016

I had a blast at the 2nd annual SPLICE festival. It was great seeing old friends again, meeting new friends, having some great collaboration work, listening to so many amazing new world premieres of E/A music, and learning more and more about navigating and programing computers to do my musical bidding.

-Wendy Raines Grew, Oboe Performance Participant SPLICE2015 and 2016

#SPLICE2016 was pretty rad. Very enlightening composition lessons and discussion with the faculty Christopher Biggs, Elainie Lillios, Per Bloland and guest Joo Won Park, amazing concerts every night, and so cool to hear all the participants compositions and performances. Of course, it was a great time working with Louis Pino on my piece, pulse{pitch}, for percussion and electronics! Listen y'all: don't sleep on this summer program. If you're interested in contemporary electronic music, this is it. Definitely on my radar for next year!

-Cody Brookshire, Composition Participant SPLICE2016

I want to thank the SPLICE! Institute and the amazing faculty for everything that made Splice 2016 easily the most mind-explodingly amazing workshop I’ve ever been a part of. I’ve never walked away from any other workshop so completely humbled and inspired. So thank you to the incredible faculty Per Bloland, Christopher Biggs, Elainie Lillios, Sam Wells, Elise Roy, Richard Johnson, Adam Vidiksis, Joo Won Park and especially Keith Kirchoff for his absolutely stellar premiere performance of my work ‘Beneath the Mountains’ for Piano and Electronics.

-Brian Lee Topp, Composition Participant SPLICE2016

Few words can describe my experience at the SPLICE Institute this past week, though a few would be outstanding, inspiring, and exhausting! So much thanks to faculty: Christopher Biggs, Keith Kirchoff, Adam Vidiksis, Richard Johnson, Per Bloland, Sam Wells, David Brooke Wetzel and Elainie Lillios for their instruction and guidance throughout the week, and to Hanna Kim and Kramer Elwell for great music! Here's to much more collaboration in the future!

-Anne Daley, Flute Performance Participant SPLICE2015 and 2016

What an incredible week! I just wanted to thank all of the faculty and participants of SPLICE for their hospitality, hard work, and energy!!! I learned more in this week not only about EA music, but about community and creating lasting friendships. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to attend such an amazing event!! Hope to see you all next year!

-Kristi Fullerton, Composition Participant SPLICE2015 and 2016

I just wanted to throw out a final thank you to everyone who made SPLICE such an outstanding festival. This includes the faculty and participant performers and composers. I learned so much about EA music. I learned so much about music in general. But maybe the best part is that I made a ton of really good friends who I hope to see more often in the future. You guys all rock!

-Jon Ginder, Composition Participant SPLICE2015

The organizers/faculty of the SPLICE Institute not only put together a great program of electroacoustic music classes, workshops, and concerts this past week, they also fostered an impressive sense of community and collaboration.

-Wayla Chambo, Flute Performance Participant SPLICE2015

My trip to Kalamazoo has come to an end, and man, what a week it was. For my first summer music program, SPLICE was definitely a great choice as it was nothing but amazing! learned a whole lot about electroacoustic music, and befriended many great musicians. Many thanks to everyone involved that made SPLICE an amazing experience. Also many thanks to Adam Vidiksis for performing my piece!! Hope to see y'all next year! And I definitely recommend attending SPLICE to anyone interested in electroacoustic music composition and performance.

-Shaun Cayabyab, Composition and Percussion Performance Participant SPLICE2015

...an outstanding time at the first SPLICE Institute, at Western Michigan University put on by faculty...! And it was there that I also had the distinct pleasure of working with the talented Anne Daley as she read through my new flute and electronics piece: Orbitors, EKT No. 7!
Its not often you get the chance to just come together with a fantastic group of musicians, and people, and just enjoy the diversity of everyone's craft in such an absolutely positive and productive way. And then to come away with your brain larders literally overfilled with creative knowledge from ones peers and new relationships built primarily on poly~'s and beer- its unreal! It was an absolute privilege friends! ‪#‎SPLICE2015‬

-Kramer Elwell, Composition Participant SPLICE2015

It was an incredibly rewarding experience having the opportunity to participate in the inaugural SPLICE Institute this past week. I couldn't imagine a more inspiring and supportive group of faculty and student performers and composers; a creative fire I haven't felt in a long time was reignited.
So grateful for all the provocative discussions and music, technical pedagogy, and lively social interactions; I'm really excited to see where this new momentum takes me on my creative path and eager to return next summer with the fruits of those new efforts.

-Drew Bisset, Composition Participant SPLICE2015